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Monday, February 27, 2006

My Parents Think it's Better Than Christmas

The moment I found out about my new job I called my both of my parents. I expected they would be happy with the fact that I could finally support myself without their help. I didn't expect them to be as overly ecstatic as they were and still are, weeks later.

My mom told me she felt like "my getting a job that I could enjoy" was better than Christmas. She had been worrying for a long time that I might end up in a position I couldn't enjoy, or that I might get stuck mixing paint at my part-time job at a home-improvement store. Before she hung up she said with joy that she would be calling my grandpa right afterwards to tell him the good news.

My dad wasn't quite as emotional as my mom had been, but I could tell it was the best news I had given him in a long time. All he had heard about for the last two years was how I didn't know what I wanted to do and that I was worried I would never find something I could enjoy. My full-time job also ended his worry about health insurance. When my classload was cut down to one this semester I was cut off of his plan.

It's a great feeling to have both of my parents proud of me, but I also felt a lot of pressure about my job. Now I need to do well, make more money, and stick with it. I have a history of getting bored with a job and trying something new after a short time. I'm fairly certain that won't happen in this case because it's something I've been working towards these last four years in college.

I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but I am being checked up on more frequently than before I started the job. They call asking how my day was, what I learned, and if I still like it. I guess it will take time to show my parents that I can stick with a job.


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