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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kindred Friends

Making new friends at a job has never been a problem for me, but I've never developed close enough relationships to stay in contact after I leave. I have my group of close friends from school and from being in sports, so I have always hung out with them outside of work. The things we had in common were our classes, practices and meets.

I've discovered a new kind of friendship with the people I'm working with at the gallery. They share the same taste, style, hopes and dreams as myself. We share a similar vision as to what we want to accomplish in our life through work. My parents used to tell me that I would probably end up being closer friends with my coworkers, but I never believed them because I felt there would always be a professional barrier between my coworkers and I. I didn't think it would be appropriate to share my personal life with my coworkers because it would be mixing business with pleasure.

I'm starting to believe my parent's theory. One day I was describing how I would design a room to my only female coworker, and we shared this moment of total understanding and appreciation for what we were doing. I was leafing through catalogs and pointing out furniture, and we both kept agreeing on pieces and building on each other's ideas.

That was a great moment for me because I discovered how great it is to work with people who think like me and share my passion for design. We've also had a lot of great conversations about our futures and what we hope to accomplish at the gallery. My coworker and I have socialized outside work a number of times now, and the mixing of business relationships with friendships doesn't seem to be such a terrible thing after all. I believe one of the best parts of landing a job in a field I love will be making wonderful new friendships.


At 7:44 AM, Blogger taekwondomom said...

I remember moments like this when I had my first job. The cool thing was that my work friends were in different generations from mine. A few were old enough to be my mom! At first, that kind of threw me off (probably because I'd spent college with people only my own age), but I learned that I could be friends with people of different ages.


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