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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When It Rains It Pours

I've already said how my job at the gallery pretty much fell into my lap, but what's the chance that another job would also? Apparently the job market isn't so bad right now because I received a phone call yesterday from an administrator at my college with a job offer. He said a man that I interned with at the city newspaper had sent him an email asking for referrals for a graphic artist position open at the newspaper. The man, my former boss, also asked if I was still around and if he could get a recent phone number!

I had interned with the newspaper for eight months as a graphic designer during my senior year. I learned every aspect of the job, and I really enjoyed everything I did and the people I met. The offer seemed like a sign since I've recently been questioning myself for accepting the gallery job so quickly. I decided to find out more about the job, just to see what they could offer me.

I hope learning more about the position will either leave me content with my spot at the gallery or allow me to switch to a position I’m better suited for. My duties at the gallery haven't involved computer aided design, which I've worked with the past five years. If I worked at the newspaper they wouldn't need to train me, in contrast to the gallery job, where everything is being taught to me.

I wonder if most new graduates go through a few jobs before they find one that fits, or they stick it out at the first position hoping to grow into it.


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